36 mm small replica watch led by Rolex

Many novices focus on the brand, price and style in the selection process. And now the hunger marketing of major watch brands has been so prosperous, and many popular models have no physical objects at all. After booking with enthusiasm, I found that the diameter of the fake watches did not seem to be suitable after actually wearing it. So how to choose the dial size when buying a watch?

Careful watch friends will find that the 36 mm sub-dial size led by Rolex a few years ago has been slowly eliminated by the market, and men's replica watches now basically start at 39 mm in size. Therefore, replica Rolex's new 2020 watches such as the Submariner series have even increased from the previous 40 mm to 41 mm.

An adult male of standard build, who is neither very thin nor too fat, usually wears a watch with a size between 39 mm and 42 mm. But there are some hip-hop styles or watches worn by students, such as Casio, which is usually around 50mm. This is an exception.

Omega's mainstream Swiss replica panerai, the Die Fei series, have a diameter of 39.5 mm, the Hippocampus 150 have 41 mm and 41.5 mm, and the Hippocampus 300 have 41 mm and 42 mm.

And the square replica watch like Bell & Ross, although the diameter of the watch is also 42 mm, but in fact the hand effect is greater than the 45 mm fake watch. So everyone should pay special attention when choosing a square watch.